This quiz is about heating time required to increase the temperature of water. Imagine that there are two containers filled with same mass of water. The initial temperature of water in Container A is 100C and that in Container B is 200C.

To simplify the problem, imagine that both the containers are insulated with perfect insulation, mean there is zero heat loss in the atmosphere during heating process. Both the containers are identical in all the aspects including shape, size, and material. The only difference is initial temperature of water insider the container.

A set if two micro-electro mechanical system (MEMS) based reciprocating pumps are placed inside the human body to replicate a part of the function of hear. Two such pumps which are out of phase by pi/2 controls the flow pressures generated by the pumps has a sinusoidal profile with respect to time with a common time period of 1 ms. Once of the pump generates a pressure amplitude of 0.2 MPA.

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