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  • cfd-simulation-of-rotating-machinery_1 cfd-ad-pr-003-cfd-simulation-of-rotating-machinery3
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    CFD Advanced 3 Weeks
    Turbo machineries are rotating machines or devices that change the state of working fluids or transport fluids to extract energy or create propulsion. As fluid flow is integral to the operation and performance of a rotating machine, use of CFD has formed a standard practice in design of such machines. This course will teach you the specialized models and complex modeling procedure required to use CFD for turbomachinery flow simulation.
  • heat-transfer-modeling-using-ansys-fluent_1 cfd-ad-pr-001-heat-transfer-modeling-using-ansys-fluent4
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    CFD Advanced 3 Weeks
    There are many thermal systems which involve strong coupling between fluid flow and heat transfer. Systems like radiator and heat exchanger require a lot more detailed modeling of heat transfer phenomenon. Here we have to make complex modeling considerations about aspects like natural convection and radiation heat transfer. This course will teach you all the advanced heat transfer modeling capabilities for detail simulation of thermal systems.
  • advanced-fluent cfd-ad-pr-004--intensive-training-programme-in-cfd-analysis5
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    CFD Advanced 15 Weeks
    In today’s rapidly changing world, CFD has become predominant in almost every stream of manufacturing industry. For the engineers who aspire to work in such industries or allied research, CFD knowledge is considered to be a must. This course develops your skills sets in meshing and simulation using best in its category ANSYS ICEM CFD and ANSYS FLUENT. This is highly recommended course for passionate engineer willing to pursue CFD as a career.
  • multiphase-flow-modeling-using-ansys-fluent_1 cfd-ad-pr-002--multiphase-flow-modeling-using-ansys-fluent6
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    CFD Advanced 4 Weeks
    CFD based multiphase flow modeling tools are now considered as highly reliable technology to simulate multiphase flow applications. As a design engineer you will encounter multiphase flows in many chemical and process industry applications. Basic knowledge of CFD will not be sufficient if you want to design such multiphase flow systems using simulations. This course will equip you with necessary knowledge to successfully model multiphase flows.

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